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The journey starts here!

Image of ARMini computerR-Comp Interactive, in partnership with a group of RISC OS companies and enthusiasts, is proud to announce the ARMini family of computers - ARMini, ARMiniX, ARMX6 and TiMachine. Powered by the latest ARM Cortex A8, A9 and A15 architectures, and running a modern RISC OS operating system, we hope that these new systems will excite anyone looking for a "next gen" pure-ARM RISC OS computer system.

Our latest computers typically runs software many times faster (eg. up to 10x as fast) as pure-ARM solutions, thanks to a faster processors with improved architechture and modern SATA-connected solid state discs. This is backed up by an array of USB2 ports and high-speed networking. Internal storage is available in various forms - flash, solid state or conventional drives can be attached, and there is removable storage (SD and MS card readers) too. For graphics, both DVI-D and HDMI are supported for digital connection to modern LCD monitors and TVs. This ensures a better quality picture - sharper and crisper than the VGA analogue outout seen on previous ARM-powered machines.

At one stage we warned users that the ARMini wasn't a replacement for computers like the RiscPC or Iyonix, but ongoing developments have now rendered that something of a fallacy. With features like CD/DVD support and the inclusion of various legacy-software compatibility aides (see below), the ARMX6 onwards represent beautifully well-rounded RISC OS solutions. Whilst we would still encourage the use of modern RISC OS applications (OvationPro, Techwriter, ArtWorks, DataPower, MessengerPro, NetFetch, NetSurf, Photodesk, and so on), as you'll read in the next paragraph, a wide range of older programs are also supported. We think that you'll already find the ARMini family to be excellent machines at fair prices.

Stop Press - the ARMini family is now supplied with Aemulor Pro free of charge to allow backwards compatibility with a wide range of older RISC OS applications including Impression Publisher, Eureka, TableMate, Rhapsody, Complete Animator, ProSound, Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and we've even had the demo of Sibelius 7 running!.

The ARMini family is available to purchase now from £499 inc VAT. Please use the form here to register your interest and we will contact you to discuss your exact requirements.

If you’ve already started your journey...

If you already own a BeagleBoard or PandaBoard we offer schemes to allow you to trade-in your existing BeagleBoard-xM for an ARMini(X) computer. Alternatively, you may buy into our ARMini Software Scheme which enables you to take advantage of the software bundle and custom-written apps that ARMini customers already receive.

And introducing the new ARMin1 (ARM-in-One)

This computer integrates a top quality (IPS for best picture), high definition display with an ARM powered computer, to give an elegant RISC OS experience. Available with a variety of screen size possibilities, the base model has a 23/24" display. Since it includes a display, the ARM-in-1 can also be connected to your other equipment (eg. PC, RiscPC, DVD), and a suitable RiscPC/Iyonix MDF is available. You can even switch back and forth on the fly, with RISC OS always available at a touch of a button.

Priced from 399ukp, the ARM-in-1 is an ideal space-saving RISC OS solution, and includes access to RCI's well-respected support, software and regular updates.

What customers say about the ARMini family

The computer is fantastic and I am really enjoying using it [the ARMini] - GR

I am very pleased with the ARMini - JG

All went smoothly and really it couldn't have been much simpler!

Brilliant... Doubly Brilliant! - PCN

R-Comp's support is excellent...I recommend the ARMini... - JohnB,

Awesome I would say - those times are impressive! (discussing ARMini speed) - PN

Wow... that was fast! - MH

The computer more or less plays out of the box and is a dream to setup. -

It is a really stable and useful machine for my daily work - KM

We have both ARMiniX machines up and running and our old RiscPCs are in retirement. We are both very pleased with ARMiniX I have to say. - BL

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